Without doubt, when buying a business, it will be a life changing decision, and not one to be made without seeking support from the right team. Hub will take the time to understand not only your needs and requirements, but also your motivations and personal drivers. We want you to buy the business that is right for you; one in which you will be successful, financially and at a personal level. We will dig deep, but with the sole aim of finding you the right fit now and in the future.

The right business for you may not be the one you initially think. On the basis of your brief, we will research not only the market, sector or business you believe you want, but also other options that could deliver on your personal and financial goals. Making sure we research and consider the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your desired business will ensure that it is compatible. We use industry leading, research and benchmarking tools to establish those businesses that will deliver for you.

Now we know what you want and where it is likely to be found, we can undertake proactive, targeted sourcing activity to unearth the right opportunities. This may involve businesses already listed, but our philosophy at Hub is that, opportunity waits for no-one and we need to proactively seek out the best businesses to buy, before they hit the market, or even considered selling. We communicate with a wide variety of partners, brokers and business people so our ear is always close to the ground.

As a business broker we represent sellers and buyers, but never in the same transaction, so we avoid any conflict of interest. This means, we can negotiate competitively and in your best interests at all times. Our experience enables us to quickly understand the true value of a business, irrespective of its price and we then use our strong negotiation skills, together with this understanding to achieve a win win outcome. This negotiation is not just around price, but also ensures the right terms and conditions are in place to deliver ongoing value.

The right business for you has to stack up at multiple levels, not just the numbers. A good business will be able to provide us with the comfort across all aspects of the business and we are adept at identifying things that may be important, but not immediately apparent. These can be both positive and negative. Ultimately, together with our financial and legal partners, you will have peace of mind that the business you buy is fit for purpose and ready for you to give it your passion.

The period up to settlement can carry some anxiety and reflection on the journey you are about to embark. With Hub and partners at your side, you can have peace of mind that you know what you are buying and from top to bottom it represents the right opportunity for you. it's a busy time and we'll make sure that all the boxes are ticked on legals, finance, lending etc. and you will have a documented transition plan to ensure you get up to speed quickly and smoothly.

Day one on board your new venture. Now what? Hub believe our relationship does not end on your first day as a business owner; if anything it's just beginning. Your success is our goal and we want to be along for the journey. We will be close to you whilst you transition into the business, making sure what you bought is being delivered on by the exiting party. In addition, our Growth 'On Ramp' model can support you with a range of professionals covering all aspects of business, from sales, finance, marketing, HR, IT and coaching. 

To learn more or to arrange a confidential discussion drop us a line connect@hubbusiness or call 1300 002 003.


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