Whilst we are familiar with most businesses and the fundamentals can appear the same, nobody knows your business like you. Our discovery phase is the most important phase. It ensures that we capture the key information necessary to provide you with the best advice and service. We'll look deep into the business, not just at a financial level, but at everything from HR, Sales, Marketing, IT, Customers, Suppliers and Leases etc. so we'll end up with extensive knowledge on what makes your business tick.

An appraisal is not just about the numbers, as businesses do not operate in a vacuum. There can be a number of quantitive and qualitative factors that will impact the value of your business and what a buyer will pay for it. We take all the great stuff we identified during our discovery phase and use it to create a realistic appraisal of what your business is worth. We explain clearly, all the factors and assumptions we have made so you can see exactly how we arrived at our appraisal value and sale price strategy.

Preparing your business for sale is critical to enhancing its saleability and sale price. It's not just about having all the necessary documentation ready for a buyer to review, it's about ensuring the work has been done on the business to present it is at its most appealing. This is the time to roll up the sleeves and can involve aspects unearthed in the discovery phase, that with a bit of effort, can improve profit, productivity and product, all the things a buyer will be happy to pay for. 

The right exposure for your business will create a ready stream of potential buyers. We don't just 'List and Pray'. Using our knowledge of your business gleaned during discovery, we craft a tailored pitch to generate awareness, engage buyers and encourage genuine interest across a wide audience. This involves direct approaches, online, offline and other targeted solutions. Once we have them on the hook, we qualify them to ensure they are ready and able to buy your business at the best possible price.

When it comes to the 'pointy end' of the process, Hub Business Broking won't be found wanting. This is where the expertise, diligence and energy to bring the business to market pays off. Your business will have already passed muster for many buyers due to the thoroughness of your preparation. We'll negotiate hard, and in your best interests to secure the right price and communicate quickly and openly with all parties to get the deal over the line.

Enabling a buyer to complete their due diligence quickly and thoroughly will always result in a better outcome and makes buying your business attractive. Creation of a detailed due diligence pack took place at the preparation phase, so you can relax. Once we receive a buyers confidentiality agreement and agree the offer, we can give them access to our Data Hub which contains all the necessary information for them to finalise their due diligence and make an informed decision.

Even though we have the offer, and due diligence has been completed, it's not time to take the foot off the pedal. We work closely with all parties to ensure nothing is overlooked during the critical settlement stage. Effective and timely liaison with lawyers on contracts, bankers on finance, accountants on numbers and agents on leases are just some of the important aspects to be closely monitored. And when the time comes to hand over the keys, we'll still be there at your side to celebrate.

To learn more or to arrange a confidential discussion drop us a line connect@hubbusiness or call 1300 002 003.


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